secondary Dominants

o-  (V)  in 1st inversion,  (VII7)  in root position

––––  the bass is being raised and becomes leading tone   ( 3rd of a V or V7 , root of a VII7 )

––––  the bass remains at the same degree and becomes 3rd of a V7 or root of a VII7


o-  (V)  in root position

––––  a triad in root position turns to a V or V7


o-  (V)  in 3rd inversion,  (VII7)  in 2nd inversion

––––  the bass, root of a triad, moves a step down or rises a minor 7th, and becomes  7th of a V7  or  5th of a VII7


o-  (V)  in 2nd inversion,  (VII7)  in 1st inversion

–––– the bass remains at the same note and becomes 5th of a V7 or 3rd of a VII7


o-  (D – VI)


o-  (D) – (D)